The "packaging team" issue

Hey @lenkaseg and @dkirwan … I notice that I’m back to having “Packaging Team” as my primary group:

profile reading "Matthew Miller / mattdm / Packaging Team"

I think maybe this is happening because the fas2discourse group bridge is adding me to groups I should be in, even if I’m in them already, and apparently discourse then applies the default group settings. How hard would it be to make it skip groups that you’re supposed to be in and already are?

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Hi @mattdm,

It would need to query the discourse api to retrieve the list of members in each group. At least one api call per group to retrieve membership thats a couple of extra calls to the api.

Trying to replicate it here on my account. Last night I just removed the title on my account, and set the primary group to something other than packaging (fedora contributor), and it didn’t set it back to packaging team by this morning. Is it setting it back for you?

Wondering if the better course might be to open a bug report with discourse? If you add a user to a group they are already a member of, that shouldn’t change anything.

Well, I can see arguments for both behaviors being “correct”. If you want to make sure someone has the right settings that correspond with joining a group (say, for example, we’ve reconfigured those settings), it might make sense for adding again (without removing) to reset those.

I’ll see what they say, though.

Not always, but least some times — I definitely had mine set to Council Member, and now it isn’t.

Since group membership doesn’t change frequently, this would probably end up being significantly fewer API calls overall, right? Because if I understand things right, it’s currently adding everyone to their groups every time it’s run, and that could be skipped.

That said, I’m not sure this is is the problem, so I’ll raise a support case, too.