I'm in the Packaging Team?

Next to my name, it says “Packaging Team”. How did that happen? And why? :slight_smile: If anything, I should be in the Quality team…

It is the “Title”, you can change it in your profile preferences.
For the records mine is was “F26 i18n Test Day Participant” :smiley:
I think that it is something related to @mattdm’s experiments. Like this Magical Experimental Fedora Badges Topic!

You are! (Because you’re a packager). Discourse can only display one title (which come from Fedora Badges), so it picks one. I’m not entirely sure how. But as Alessio said, if you go to your preferences , you can change it:

  1. Click your avatar
  2. Click the little person outline toward the bottom
  3. Click the Preferences tab
  4. Select your desired Title from the drop-down menu
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Bask in the glory of your new title
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I don’t have any other title available. I want a QA title :slight_smile: I should have enough QA badges to qualify…

  1. Post in the Magical Experimental Fedora Badges Topic! (as noted above) to make badges show up — you can use those.
  2. We can add a Quality Team group, but no one has asked for it (or, I missed it) — see Fedora Accounts -> Discourse group sync: what teams need to know.

Thanks for info, Matt!

Let me know if you want a Quality Team group. There is qa in FAS… I know such things are hard to change, but maybe this is the time to drop the “a”? The group name here has to match, but just as with usernames, there can be a separate display name.

(Maybe the IPA backend can keep the existing name as an alias or something so there’s no “update everything everywhere” fire-drill?)

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Is it possible to make it so that when a Discourse group is created that people in that group don’t automatically get the ‘x Team’ title next to their name? We have a few folks on the Marketing Team who are also in other teams or primarily participate from other teams. I don’t like that they got swapped to the Marketing Team title. I think it should be an option for them to turn on, but not happen automatically as I think happened for the Packaging Team.

I will ask support. It seems like the only way to allow people to choose the title is to put it in the “Default Title” field in the configuration. There is another setting, “Automatically set as primary group”, which I thought needed to be checked before it would change someone. (It may be that this happens if it turns out to be the first group with a title that someone is added to?)

Okay, so… current behavior is explained here: Default group title is not being applied consistently - #13 by tshenry - feature - Discourse Meta

With the current behavior, once we have a lot of groups, it seems likely to be kind of random which group (and title) people get first. I’ll see if I can get them to change this — I can’t think of a good other solution offhand.

It seems also like a good idea to make sure that FAS groups are up-to-date and meaningful. This shouldn’t be a forcing function for that, but it does make group membership more visible than it has been.

Ok, seems like it is what it is. It would be nice to have the option of not automatically changing someone’s title when a group is created or when they join a new group. Other organizations may have a simplified relationship for which people are in certain groups, but in Fedora there can be so much overlap between contributors in different teams that they shouldn’t get defaulted to a certain title just because they’re on a team.

Just my opinion, though! Seems like it may not be a big issue based on how little I’ve seen others point this out.

It’s worth noting that if people already have a title, it isn’t changed. So, maybe I can find a way to set a default for new accounts…

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Huh. Somehow I got changed to the Packaging Team. :-/