Create Marketing Team group

Could we get a Discourse group created for the Marketing Team?

Group Name: Marketing Team
Group Owner: you can put me
Public Member List: Let’s say no for now and I can ask if the team cares through this topic
TL1: I think that can be left as the default. We have a rule that someone has to have been collaborating with the Marketing Team for at least a month before being able to join, so I think that would take care of the TL1 consideration.

Marketing Team - anything else to add or change?

Yep, done. Should be populated shortly. Note that the group in FAS has 54 members. I see that you are a sponsor there… it might be worth asking if people are still interested!

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@joseph You are also now the Owner of the group and should be able to configure some of the settings. This will let you add and remove members — but, don’t do that, as the FAS sync is one-way and will wipe out any changes. (I’m probably going to add a theme component to Discourse to hide that option, but it’s a low-priority task.)

You should be able to promote someone else to also be an owner, though — at least I think so.

In the future, we will make ownership sync with FAS sponsors, but … not yet. (FAS also has a thing where you can be a sponsor but not a member — that doesn’t exist here.)

Where do I see these settings? I’m not finding the space to edit the group and I also don’t see the option to add the group name next to my handle.

Does Marketing team - Fedora Discussion work?

I am able to got to that screen, but I don’t see an option to get a flair like what you have with Fedora Council Member next to your name.


Oh yeah! That’s this:

Try now?

Actually, I see that it worked!

I see it too now. Thank you!