Groups and flair (should we use them)?

Okay, I’ve been playing around today and discovered that it should be easy for us to link FAS groups to Discourse. Only groups we actually create here get used, so it’s not mandatory. These groups can be used for a number of things:

  • We can set a trust level automatically (allowing new-to-discourse-but-not-to-Fedora members to do things like post more than two hyperlinks in a post)
  • notifications can be set automatically to a certain state for members of a certain group. For example, we could subscribe IoT Working Group members to the iot tag, if we wanted to.
  • we can allow entire groups to be @ mentioned. Not sure if we want that.
  • groups can be used for permissions on seeing, creating, or replying on a per-category basis
  • polls can be limited to members of certain groups (less useful on Ask)
  • members of a group can be given mod privs on a per-category basis
  • and last but not least… members of a group can choose to display that group’s “flair”. Like:


… that’s the Fedora Council badge next to my avatar over on Discussion.

The “title” for the group name of your chosen group will also show up next to your name on posts, like this:


Maybe none of this is useful here, but I thought we could talk about it!

What do you think?
  • We want this!
  • Might be interesting
  • I don’t see the point
  • This is terrible!

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I’m still waiting for the sso feature to be resolved, FYI.