What other "fundamental" FAS groups should we add here?

Thanks to some lovely work from @dkirwan and @lenkaseg, we have the ability to sync groups from the Fedora Account System to here. However, because there are many groups in FAS, many of them not really active, we’re only syncing groups that we intentionally configure on this site.

We can use this for a lot of different things — access permissions for certain categories, notifications, even poll permissions. But also, group membership allows selection of that group as a “title” to go by your name. (You can also select badge names.)

It happens that if you don’t have a title, and are added to a group which includes one, your title is set to that. That’s why so many people have “Packaging Team” — that’s a big group, and a lot of people don’t have more specific groups available to choose from.

Also, the Discourse software has a trust-based permissions system (see Trust levels on Fedora Discussion (from newbie to super-hero!). We can use group membership to say “okay, they may be new to Fedora Discussion, but we know this person isn’t a spammer”, automatically granting T1 (instead of the default new-user T0.) Other than this, I don’t propose any new permissions or notification changes based on group membership for whatever we add now.[1]

We can, of course, later configure more fancy options for groups where appropriate. But for now, just… what significant groups should we make available?

  1. …having learned my lesson when I was over-excited about adding everyone in @packager to Package Review Swaps) ↩︎

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