Text selection continuously reset

On my Fedora 31 system, text selection and clipboard do not work as expected. Whenever I select some text using the mouse, in a shell window, a browser window, or anywhere else, the selection is continuously reset, about once every second. If I am really fast, I sometimes succeed in selecting text and pasting it to somewhere else using the middle mouse button, before the selection is reset.

Any ideas, anyone?

Does it happen with any application? (gedit, Firefox, etc.)

When you say “selection is reset”, do you mean that the text is highlighted and then the highlight disappears without any obvious reason?

Yes, exactly. This is what happens.

Ok, you should check the logs in journalctl and see if you can find something useful. Check also the active processes.

After a quick search, it seems that it might be a problem with some other process/application, see:

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