Text selection doesn't work at all in GTK(?) apps, other issues

Hi all,

I’m encountering a weird bug with my recent Fedora Kinoite installation. It seems like text selection is broken exclusively in Gnome/GTK apps. Basically, whenever I highlight some text, it is immediately deselected. It’s very frustrating, and doesn’t happen in KDE apps like Kate, or in Electron apps like VSCodium.

Additionally, there is some weird behavior with menus in GTK apps (with regular/classic menus). When I try to open one of the options in the menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc), it always opens the first one (File), not the one I clicked. The only way to open another one is to click file, then move my mouse over to the one I want to open.

This behavior is present in the following apps that I’ve tested, all but Sublime Text 3 were installed from Flathub:

  • GNOME Builder (text bug)
  • Gedit (text bug)
  • Gnome Text Editor (text bug)
  • Sublime Text 3 (text + menu bug)
  • SciTE (text + menu bug)
  • Xournal++ (text + menu bug)

This issue has been happening since I first installed Kinoite from a fresh install on approx. Nov 26/27. For reference, the device is a 4th generation Lenovo X1 Yoga.

I’ve searched, but all I found was this, but considering I’m on Wayland (and that question is from 2013) I don’t think that’s the cause of my problem.

Also, I’m running Kinoite on my desktop, and this issue isn’t present. Both are updated, but the desktop was installed as Kinoite 36, and this laptop used a Kinoite 37 install disk. Not sure if that makes a difference (does rpm-ostree upgrade change Kinoite 36 to be the same as the 37 release?)

Thanks in advance!