Highlighted text is pasted when scroll/middle click

hello there,
since recently I faced a new behavior: when I select text (in a text editor, in a browser, anywhere basically…) and click the scroll or middle button of my mouse, it pastes the content where my cursor is…
This happens without me making any copy operation. If I selected text anywhere and click the middle/scroll button, the selected text is pasted at cursor location…
any ideas what could cause this to happen ?

Welcome to Fedora @boopdadm

You might have to install gnome-tweaks and under Mouse & Touchpad >> first option Mouse Middle Click Paste to deactivate.

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thanks L.S. :slight_smile:

I saw that as well on other threads. I just did it, and indeed, it seems it fixes the middleclick paste in text editor for example.
I’ve seen as well here that there is a config in Firefox.

Now I am trying in Chromium, and middleclick is enabled too…

I have the impression this behavior is new, maybe I am mistaking, but it feels weird to have to deactivate it on the application level…

That is not a new behavior. This is a feature of X-windows from even before linux was created.

It is called “select buffer” and not the same as the “clipboard”. Try search for “x11 selection buffer” for more information.


Many of us love this feature and use it all the time.
Indeed wayland was missing this and had to add it in after a lot of pressure from users used to this under X11.