Text based adventure game RPM

Hey guys I’m thinking of making a text adventure game using python and turning it into and RPM for distribution. Any thoughts on this? Anyone want to collaborate and make it a group effort?

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Are you playing on writing it from scratch or use existing python text-adventure frameworks (assuming there is one)? How complex are you aiming for? You might be better off with a text-adventure game engine. I tried a bunch out at one point. They have some nice capability and allow you to go directly to making the game content.

My plan was to do it from scratch using python3, I was going to use the game to help me learn a little bit more on writing python programs and packaging RPM’s but at least have some fun with it.

Sounds fun! I’d be interested in contributing, especially to learn about RPM packaging. Not sure what kind of time commitment I could offer.

Do you have any themes or design work in progress?

I’m thinking something along the lines of outer space horror/ Lovecraft horror at the moment. Current progress, I have most of the mechanics working, still have a few to work out, but Alph tests and builds are working so far.