Let's Play: Minetest!

The Fedora Pride SIG is hosting a gathering of Fedora Community members to play Minetest! We’re starting to hold more community events in 2024 to bring different parts of Fedora together. As we get started, we’ll be taking lessons learned to improve more of these community activities.

This event is open to ALL community, contributors, and users of the Fedora project. We hope you join us to hang out, try out Minetest, and meet some members of the community.

2024-01-27 - 19:00:00 UTC

For more information about Minetest, and getting connected as well as using Discord for audio, please see this Wiki page.

Fedocal Event:


Hoping I can make it to this!

cc @bookwar and @dherrera

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Just a quick reminder, we’ll be using Discord for Audio!

  • Voice Chat Platform: Fedora Discord Fedora Linux in the channel #GameNight in the voice area.

If you have problems getting connected, you can reach us in #pride:fedoraproject.org in Matrix alternatively and we can help ya out!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Hey All! Just a reminder that we will be playing Minetest later on today!
I unfortunately won’t be able to attend due to a travel snafu - but @decathorpe will be!

For information on getting setup, visit:

We’ll be doing a building competition - the challenge to build something up… while in Survival! Good luck everyone! :slight_smile:


The building competition didn’t end up happening due to - let’s say “low” - turnout.

Hopefully there will be more people next time. :crossed_fingers:

Thanks Fabio for being there! :fedora:

Great idea and great game, stick with it, maybe at a regular time and I’m sure it will take off.
I play minetest but don’t like the idea of joining random servers. So having a core interest like Fedora could be a win for myself and others.


@bookwar is our biggest champion of Minetest! The Fedora hosted instance is because of their efforts! :slight_smile:

I think we learned a few key things about how we put together events so now we can approach @steiner and @joseph to hopefully help us be a bit louder next time! But the key bits we learned was around organization in the community.