Minecraft server for Nest 2022

Hey fellow minecraft :pick: players in Fedora :fedora:! I’ll be running a minecraft server for Nest 2022 during the event and would like to gather ideas for seeds, spigot plugins or general gamerules to add. Or any other ideas & suggestions that you have.

See you on the server at Nest :wave:


I think that if you keep the world border relatively small, like just enough to gather resources and make a little village near spawn, that would be good.

Having a goal to collaborate towards together could be good too?

I recently found a really nice seed: -74666261

Thanks for this seed, I’ll take a look if it’s a good fit

Having a goal to collaborate towards together could be good too?

I plan to run a “final community event” on Sunday 14 UTC where we slay the dragon and build a Fedora/Nest monument in the End in its place. If I manage to, then you’ll get a :fedora: badge for participating :wink:.

Minecraft Server for Nest 2022

We have a Minecraft Server setup during Nest which you can join and play with other attendees and Fedora Community members :pick:

Access the server

Note you need a Minecraft account and a FAS account to play on the server.

  1. Message the server admin (FAS: defolos, @defolos:matrix.org on Matrix, Defolos#4234 on Discord and @DefolosDC on Twitter) with your minecraft username and your FAS account to get whitelisted.
  2. Once you have been whitelisted, connect to minecraft.dancermak.name and start playing!

Server Rules

  1. Be excellent to each other (the usual Fedora Code of Conduct applies).
  2. No griefing, stealing, destruction of other’s builds. PvP and pranking are only permitted if both parties consented to this beforehands.
  3. Do not enter the end before the final event on August 7.
  4. Mark your house/base with your name, other players must not trespas in your base.
  5. No AFK farms and no chunk loaders.
  6. Replant trees and crops that you harvest.


The server will launch shortly after @mattdm’s keynote and will be turned off on Sunday, August 7.

The “final” community event will comence on August 7, 14 UTC, where we will gather at spawn to fight the ender dragon and build a Fedora Monument in it the end afterwards. Gear will be provided for everyone who didn’t have enough time to prepare for the fight beforehands, so don’t worry if you are not prepared!

If you would like to prepare, then you can gear up to be able to fight the dragon, find a stronghold, gather eyes of ender and support other players with gear (if they wish).


  • Please join the #gaming-general channel on the Fedora Discord server for realtime chat and voice chat (use the GameNight voice channel for that).
  • Keep an eye out on this Fedora Discussion Topic for additional information and @DefolosDC on Twitter for short term announcements.

Follow up on the server: Long-Term Community Minecraft Server