Long-Term Community Minecraft Server

We’ve had a Minecraft server at Nest 2022 (see Minecraft server for Nest 2022 - #6 by defolos) and had quite a bit of fun there. Unfortunately Nest is now over, but there’s still so much to do in this Minecraft world. Thus I would like to extend the lifetime of the server a bit more and open it up for the rest of the community, if there is interest for a community server (this could include community events and the likes).

Would anyone be interested in playing on a Fedora Minecraft server for a longer term?

Also, there’s the topic of where to run it: it is currently setup on my private Linode instance, but that is not the best place for a long term community project (as that turns me into a single point of failure and also limits the server size to what my personal budget allows).

Anyone interested in participating?


sign me up :slight_smile:

Sorry, I just have to ask.

Is it critical for you to have a Minecraft server, or would you be ok with something similar (yes, Minetest)?

Having a community sandbox server is a dream of mine as well, but I am a bit hesitant to build it on top of Minecraft.

I’ve never played Minetest. So speaking for myself, I’d rather stick with the one I know, for something that’s supposed to be a relaxing social activity, rather than learning something new (which more and more feels like a chore as I’m getting older :older_man: )


That’s a very valid point.

I guess one would need much more preparation and more test runs (at least something similar to what @defolos did at Nest this year) before considering the idea of Minetest as a real possibility for the community server.

So I am going to be watching closely how this project is doing and learn from you :slight_smile:

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Re: Minecraft Server

I really wanted to spend more time on the Minecraft server over the span of Nest than I did, but it was tough after being tired from the conference and dealing with personal things in between.

But then I also have a couple of other servers I play on and I find that if I try to play on too many servers at once that one or more eventually get neglected.

To be honest, I might pop on every so often, but I don’t know how regularly I would play. Maybe I’d play more if it was already around, but I wouldn’t want to ask for a server (and subsequent support) and then not play on it, lol.

Re: Minetest Server

I think a short-term Minetest server would be cool. Maybe it could be planned around the F37 release party. And because it’s literally free it’d be more open for folks to check it out.

Don’t apologize for asking!

Personally, I’d prefer having an open source game as well instead of something proprietary. However, the reality is that open source games are sadly much less popular than proprietary ones and given how few people even had interest in signing up for the Nest Minecraft server, I would give this a try with a fairly popular game first.

This does not mean that we can’t give this a try with minetest or some other game that’s packaged in Fedor in the future. But I personally would like to continue playing on this world first and see if we can establish a community there.

No worries, you are not requesting anything here, I am offering something. Expressing interest to play does not carry any comitment.

This sounds like a great idea that we should keep in the back of our minds!