Call for Proposals: Nest with Fedora 2022 (Extended until July 13th)

We are only a few months away from the 3rd annual virtual Nest with Fedora event. We are calling any and all Fedorans to submit proposals. Nest will be held virtually August 4th-6th.

We are open for the following proposals:

  • Keynote speakers/ topics
  • Informational sessions
  • Team/SIG meetups
  • Panel sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops
  • Social sessions

How can you Submit your proposals?

By when?

  • There will be a deadline process with acceptance dates of July 1st and July 8th.

What format to follow?
There is a variety of formatting sessions:

  • Session (25 minutes)
  • Session (50 minutes)
  • Workshop/ Tutorial (110 minutes)
  • Half Day Hackfest
  • We are open to any new ideas, feel free to open a ticket on the Flock Pagure repo.

I’m going to submit something about games or game development but I haven’t settled on a topic yet. Does anyone have anything they particularly want to know about games/game development on Fedora?

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Can I get a space to talk about privacy and open source?

If you want space you just need to open a pagure ticket and get it approved. You’ll probably need more details to get approved. Give a high level overview or blurb to catch people’s attention. (Or at least that is my guess. I haven’t looked at pagure to see if there is a specific format they want proposals in yet.)


@dulsi I saw a couple other talks about gaming come in, so try to give your submission a different topic/angle than the ones submitted already :slight_smile:

@carvalhoalexsander submit your idea and reviewers will take a look and provide feedback!


Hey folks,

The deadline for the Nest with Fedora CfP submissions is extended until next Wednesday, July 13th! Make sure to submit your ideas on the Flock Pagure repo: Issues - flock -

Registration is also open:



I’m already registered, but thinking if a presentation with my intermediate English would really be cool. I’m improving this… Thanx !

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@riecatnor Finally got around to submitting something. Decided to go with discussing game development since the other talks all focused on running games. Issue #408: [Talk-25] Game Development with Fedora - flock -

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Hey everyone!

Today is the deadline for Nest with Fedora CfP submissions. Make sure to submit your ideas on the Flock Pagure repo: Issues - flock -

Don’t forget to also register for Nest with fedora: Nest with Fedora 2022


I really did this, I signed up at the last minute and would like your feedback

Go go go privacy :))))))