What's Everybody Playing Right Now?

My Steam library is starting to run dry (a rare occurrence indeed) and I figured in the spirit of Fedora Friends, and the steady revival of the Games SIG, I’d like to ask what you all have enjoyed playing, are currently plating, or are hoping to play on Fedora Linux?

I have personally been sinking many more hours into Deep Rock Galactic, a game about dwarves, mining, and killing bugs! It’s by far the best co-op shooter I have ever played, and one of my favorite games of all time. Solo, with strangers, or with friends it is always a blast! I have been following since early access, and this newest update, that just came out yesterday, is my favorite one yet.

I have been playing it out of the box with the Steam Flatpak and Proton Rebuilds on Fedora 33 Silverblue and GNOME Wayland.


@mattdm got me into RimWorld (you can buy it DRM free then register it on Steam for convenient access). Haven’t got time to play it but it’s really promising if you like scifi and space colonization!


I heard about RimWorld in early access, but completely missed its release. I have played my fair share of Factorio and Mindustry, and dabbled in Dwarf Fortress (100+ hrs is dabbling in that game :laughing:) so it looks right up my alley!

RimWorld is dangerous. I got it on the first day of the Christmas break, and i got out of it only three days later. :slight_smile:

It can be more addictive than Factorio.

Works flawlessly on my Thinkpad with integrated Intel graphics.


That reminds me of MOO2 so many moons ago!

Well for open source games, I’ve been adding achievements to things so you can see my achievements. For closed source games, mostly 7 Days to Die.

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More addictive than Factorio


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@mattdm @salimma What have you done :laughing:

Taking a break from work turned into two hours exceptionally fast. It reminds me a lot of Dwarf Fortress, except much more approachable. I have chosen randy random in the style of DF, and just for the fun of it, and so far, he has only sent one murderous rabbit to kill me! I thank you very much for the recommendation and expect to sink a lot of time into this game.