Interesting 7DRL games

I been going through the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge games. I’ve only tried a small portion of them but I wrote an article pointing out some of the ones I’ve tried and liked.

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Thanks for the sharing the article.

I always want to jump into the catalog of a game jam, and there are so many to choose from, but back in the day I found that a lot of the games had obtuse installation processes.

As someone who mostly installs software via flatpak and by dropping binaries in ~/.local/bin in Fedora, which games in your article would you say are the easiest to try out?


A lot of them are web based or at least that is an option. Those are the easiest to try out.

In general games are rarely a single executable. They usually have data files. Most games are designed for Windows and follow the common setup of that platform. Which means the game would have a directory with the executable and the data files. It is expected to run the executable from that directory. does have app to install and run games. Last I tried it, it wasn’t working on Fedora 35. I don’t know if it is fixed. I like GameHub. It integrates with several stores. I haven’t tried the integration with it so I don’t know if it is good.

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Dungeon Team now has the MIT license in the repo: GitHub - tdwsl/dungeon-team: 7drl 2022 entry

Thanks to the developer for opening the code.

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