Fedora Games - A little misleading?

In the Fedora Games spin, it comes with games, however there is no software or application where you can easily browse and find games and applications.

Snapd or using snaps is a great way to install software like these, and using gnome-software and repackaging it with changes to make it a game lab, is perfect. For example, if Minecraft could be an option, that would be great. Same for games like 2048, Pybik, and others.

So, just an idea, because when I tweeted to the project, they responded saying We have a games lab ready to go and it was really just a spin that came with a bunch of games with the XFCE desktop.

I mean Fedora likes to endorse Flatpaks, where some games like Minecraft are already available. I’m not really sure if e.g. locking down Software to games only would bring anything other than redundancy, which YouTube learned when they dropped YouTube Gaming.

Well, let’s think: What would be the upsides of the Fedora Games Spin having their own software lab? How would it make them better? How would it make them worse, if possible?

I don’t know about these others, but Minecraft, for example, is proprietary
software. Proprietary software cannot be packaged in Fedora.