“System policy prevents Wi-Fi scans” is back in Fedora 39!


I posted about this a couple years ago: "System policy prevents Wi-Fi scans" is back!

There as a workaround at the time, but now the problem is back: I can’t get rid of the “System policy prevents Wi-Fi scans”, it just keeps poppng up every 10 seconds. This is an evil interaction between KDE, tigervnc, and NetworkManager.

I applied the workaround given in the original post (link above) and it worked for a while. The pkla fil is still there but it’s ignored now:

50-local.d# pkaction --verbose --action-id org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.wifi.scan
description: Allow control of Wi-Fi scans
message: System policy prevents Wi-Fi scans
vendor: NetworkManager
vendor_url: https://networkmanager.dev/
icon: nm-icon
implicit any: auth_admin
implicit inactive: yes
implicit active: yes

Any ideas how to make this STOP!