Network Manager loses connection randomly from WiFi


I’m new on Fedora and it’s fun. Most of the time at least. Unfortunetely the network manager disconnects randomly from wifi. This behaviour occures now for the second time. The first time was a few days after the fresh install of Fedora 39. After searching the web, I found a solution (at least for Fedora 37) by editing the file etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/wifi-powersave.conf and setting [connection] wifi.powersave = 2 Without any reason this solution does not work anymore. Could anyone tell me, waht I could do to stop this reasonless random wifi disconection?

I’m running Fedora 39 on Thinkpad T460s and Gnome 45.5 with the latest updates (as of today).


try older kernel

Check for vendor firmware updates as well with sudo fwupdtool get-updates. Power management is often a source of problems with newer kernels, and not something Fedora can control (except by “workarouds”) as fixes require vendors working with I find it
important to have USB dongles for sound and wifi to use until issues (usually when a new kernel
appears) are resolved.

Thank you for your answers! Appearently posting my issue solved it… :grin:

I did also notice during yesterday, that my internet connection was kinde of instable, laggy. I suppose, this circumstance hat some effect on the network manager. Today however no laggy internet, no “malfunction” what so ever.

Status pages for your ISP can help distinguish between a problem with your network hardware/configuration and some external outage or denial of service attack. There are sites like Ookla DownDetector (Canada) that collect user problem reports for major ISP’s and also post notices from ISP’s. Some ISP’s have their own status pages.

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