System not shutting down after kernel 6.5.*

Since upgrading to kernel 6.5.* on F38 my laptop while shutting down won’t finish. I can see that the shutdown commands are running fine but once they finish my screen goes black but my fans are still spinning and my LED indicator that the laptop is running is still shining.

I’m currently on kernel 6.6.13-200 on F39 and I still have this issue.

Please tell me if there are any logs I need to provide and thanks in advance.

That sounds like it would be a tricky thing to log since presumably all the logging services would be stopped at the point when the problem occurs.

However, there were changes made in the advanced configuration and power interface (ACPI) in the 6.5 release. My guess is that the problem you are seeing is related to those changes.

Hi, sorry for the later reply but I’m not running AMD on my laptop. I have a Intel i3-1135g7 as my processor and its integrated graphics to power my display. But ill try anyways.

I just installed kernel version 6.7.3 and it seems to have magically fixed itself? I’ve been stuck holding the power button for 2 months now so its surprising to see shutdown and reboot work again. Thanks for your help anyway!

I only noticed this problem now after upgrading to version 6.7.11.