Brand new install of Fedora 38 Server hangs on shutdown or reboot after update to kernel 6.5.7

I have a basic Dell Optiplex 7040 SFF PC, which comes with an i5 6500 and integrated graphics. There is only one SSD for storage and my configuration during installation was very basic.

After logging in, I did a “dnf update” and rebooted. Now whenever I try to reboot or shutdown the machine: “shutdown -r now” or “shutdown -h now”, the screen will turn off, the CPU fan keeps spinning, and the system hangs, never rebooting or shutting down.

I have installed no new software and this is the default configuration for Fedora Server at the command line. There is very little to go wrong. How do I debug this?

The kernel is version 6.5.7. If I choose the alternate kernel version 6.2.9 from the startup menu, I do not have this issue.

The only solution is a hard reset from the button on the front panel, which is less than ideal for a headless server that’s to live in a closet.

Sound like the method the kernel is useing to power off the machine is failing.

After you have rebooted the system have a look in the journal for the last few logs that the system logged. journalctl -b -1 will get the previous boots logs.

It could be that the interesting log does not make it to disk.

It may be a BIOS issue. Is your BIOS up to date? If not try updating the BIOS.

Edit: Does systemctl poweroff work?

The old shutdown, halt etc commands become systemctl commands theses days.

Hi, I also have issues with kernel 6.5.7, I have an AMD GPU and the drivers are not working. Also I have no sound device.
No issues on 6.5.6

Start a new topic your problems have nothing to do with shutdown.

I have the same issue with an Optiplex 3050 USFF. Looks to be an issue with Dell hardware and 6.5 kernels in general (not just Fedora).

Looks like it’s planned to be fixed in 6.5.8 or 6.6.

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