Fedora 38 not shutting down properly

I’ve been having this issue for some time now, so I have decided to adress it. As follows:

When shutting the system down through the GUI (by clicking shutdown in the drop-down of GNOME), sometimes the system will shut down completely, except for both the laptop and one of my peripherals staying on. The screen will shut off and I am unable to do anything. Not even a mouse cursor will appear. The keyboard will be powered off, along with my mouse. Effectively making me forcefully shut it down by pressing the power button on my laptop. I have a Intel/NVIDIA laptop using proprietary drivers, and running on Wayland

I have no idea why it happens, or how to reproduce this issue. If needed I am providing logs. Thanks for taking your time to try to help

I have same issue, yesterday I updated my laptop to fedora 38 and when turned off it through the gui the laptop was not completely off. The monitor is completely black and there’s nothing I can do, but background led of keyboard are still on and the internal fan is still operative. Does anyone fix the issue?

i had same issues, but yesterday did fresh install and now i have intel/dell bios 1.24 and havent seen issues for now, but will be monitoring for now. Dont know where is issue is it bios issue or something else

I was not able to fix it and still have this problem sometimes. Although I figured that when I had applications in the background (Steam, for example) and I went to turn it off through the GUI or otherwise, the problem would repeat itself, so now I just quit the background apps before shutting down the system. Although this doesn’t happen when I have the Easy Effects and KeepassXC flatpaks running in the background, so it seems to be something with Steam automatically quitting when I’m about to turn the laptop off, then something happens that doesn’t shut it down fully, leading to this problem

Fixed for me after install the last systemd update (v253.12)