System doesn't poweroff after shutdown

hi, i have strange issuse again, i mention about other issues like in this post, and in this post so there is big problem with my motherboard

anyway i have problem with fedora shutdowns but pc continue working like: fans spining and led continue working, but drives activity led and power led is off after fedora shutdown, and motherboard doesn’t react on power, reset buttons only unplugging psu helps, and i have very unstable psu that reboots in middle of work for no reason

After you choose shutdown and the system is almost off, what do you get if pressing Esc key ? Are there any processes showing as active/working in the shutdown on screen log ? Anything related to akmod or kmod ?

as i mentioned in this post, i have input not supported error when fedora shutdowns so i can’t look in logs

anyway i fix it disabling fast boot in uefi