Issues powering off the pc

I have started using the poweroff and the shutdown now command to power off my Fedora 40 Workstation pc.
My problem is that when running poweroff the os and software shuts down as well as the power-on light, but the hardware is still on (fans, gpu rgb lighting, etc). If I want to restart it I have to shut down the hardware (long press power button) and the press the power button again. This does not happen when executing shutdown now.
Is this intended or should both completely shut the pc down?

Edit: none of the ways to shut down shut the pc’s hardware down, what could cause this?

All those commands are legacy they are translated into systemctl commands for you.

You might like to read about the systemctl versions are test using them directly.
(I’m not expecting any changes, but you eliminate that translation).

Try systemctl poweroff does that work?

If the screen is still working try pressing ESC to show the poweroff messages hidden behind the splash screen. Do you see any clues to why its stuck?

Also after a reboot you can look at the journalctl log leading up to the poweroff for errors.

Power management involves system firmware. Vendors have many different approaches to power management, making it impossible for kernel developers to test all possibilities. There are initiatives to standardize power management, but those may require new system firmware from your vendor. You should check for firmware updates from your vendor. Power management issues are generally the same across linux distros, so a web search may find workarounds specific to linux on your hardware (but be careful to understand what a proposed workaround does, as there are many click-bait sites spreading bogus “solutions”).