Fedora does not turn off

Good afternoon, I have been a user of fedora 29 lxde for a long time, and I installed this OS on a new machine yesterday, but at the moment of shutting down, it never shuts down, I tried with Windows and if it shuts down without problem, change to fedora 32 kde and it never shuts down , then fedora 33 lxde and it never turns off.

My machine is a Lenovo M93P core i5, 4 ram and ssd120.

I appreciate your help !!

What does it show when it is failing to shut down? Is it actually never or “takes five minutes”? If it’s showing the logo, what do you see if you hit Esc to get more details?

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Thanks for answering, When I give it off, it effectively turns off, and only shows the fedora logos turning off, I can’t press escape and it has already turned off, but it turns on immediately, and shows the normal lenovo logo and then the normal fedora logo, it turns off and on very fast because I use solid discs.

Thanks again.

Let me make sure I understand. Rather than shutting down, the system reboots?