Summary of February 2024 Badges Round Table

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We met again on 21 February 2024, not on Valentine’s Day as suggested in last month’s minutes. :broken_heart:

Announcements & News

Akash tested fedmsg in a container, but was unable to get it working. :crying_cat_face:
Sandro asked if there’s any chance of getting it ported (to Python 3). No, unfortunately not, due to outdated dependencies.


:warning: Note: Follow-up items are linked to clarify where they are coming from.

Hackfest (Sandro)

:white_check_mark: Sandro to follow up with Justin. Is it still an option?

  • Hackfest will likely not happen in person before RHEL7 goes EOL.
  • Flock might be an opportunity.
  • A virtual hackfest option is also on the table.
  • Sandro is unlikely to attend Flock this year.
  • We need to start planning for the hackfest (availability, etc.).
  • Chris wonders how many people are actually interested in taking part. Do we have a sign up list?
  • Marie suggests an announcement be made of some kind.
  • Akash: A virtual hackfest before Flock might be an opportunity to get more people involved.
  • Marie is unavailable in April and May. That leaves March or June.
  • Sandro asks is we still won’t to utilize the hackfest for current Badges Live Support (suggested in last meeting).
    • Akash thinks the hackfest is better suited for working on Badges 2.0.
    • Marie mentions that there’s a lesser role for the design team at the hackfest.

Older topics

Update on Badges development participation (Justin)

The topic can be further discussed outside the meeting. But it needs more immediate attention due to RHEL7 going EOL. Justin says he’s not the right person for driving this, since he’s not actually hacking on the code.

Good First Issues (Justin)

This should create opportunities to onboard people in participating in Badges development. It might well be a task for a co-lead developer. It needs someone with a good understanding of the code to decide what GFIs are.

Main Topics

RHEL goes EOL on 30 June 2024

This topic has been haunting us from the start of the Badges revamp. Marie wonders if it may be time to let go of Badges. It’s a hard and difficult decision, but one we ultimately need to face.

One way forward may be integrating Badges into Discourse as we discussed and investigated before. The following points were made:

  • Discourse comes with challenges of its own.
  • The types of badges we can support in Discourse will be limited.
  • Discourse is primarily a frontend and the current frontend of Badges (tahrir) is not giving us grief.
  • Justin points out that we need people who can carry the project and drive it forward (bottom-liners), not just new contributors. We may have reached the end of the rope of Badges in its current form.
  • Badges in Discourse would be an entirely new project, not a continuation of the current Badges 2.0 (the revamp).
  • Sandro wonders if going that route would make Discourse Fedora’s Facebook: once you are in, it’s hard to get out.
  • Marie would be saddened to see all the artwork go. But there may be other opportunities for reusing them.

Sandro suggests writing a blog post to let the community know what’s going on and volunteers :white_check_mark: to write a draft. We need a clear path forward if we want to make this continue. Justin has a meeting (internal) planned regarding the future of Badges. We will wait for the outcome of that before making any public announcement. Marie also has some news to share, which she will do as she sees fit.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 20, 2024 12:00 PM.

Open Floor

We ran out of time. But all we wanted to discuss, has been discussed as part of above items.

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