Summary of April 2024 Badges Round Table

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We met again on 17 April to see where we stand with Badges.

Announcements & News

Upcoming blog post (see preview) about Badges by Fedora Infra/CPE.

  • CPE and Infra are committed until end of 2024
  • Can we get the community and contributors excited about badges?
  • Provides context of Infra’s position and where they can support
  • Will be published soon

Aurélien provides update on his exploration of Badges code

  • Fixes will be deployed into production soon
  • Attracting community involvement should be easy as Badges is very visible, yet not many contributors.
  • Aurélien thinks rewriting code won’t improve things much
  • Badges should be pitched in an exciting way to intrigue contributors; e.g. make use of graphs, diagrams, videos, etc.
  • Break down issues into bite size tasks

Aurélien’s findings were discussed further. Here are the key takeaways:

  • We should get the ball rolling before Flock
  • Justin asks about time: approx. beginning of May when improvements are rolled out
  • Code can be migrated away from RHEL 7 (Python 2). I t has been ported.
  • Issues will be logged in the Badges repo
  • Justin suggests compiling a list of issues and papercuts and has made a start on HackMD. Please complement the list. :white_check_mark:
  • We should also consider other areas and new ideas for badges
  • We need a central place, something we can point people to who would like to help. Aurélien suggests an issue tracker on GitHub.


:warning: Note: Follow-up items are linked to clarify where they are coming from.

RHEL 7 Migration

We discussed this in the new section above.

Flock Papers

Akash submitted a proposal, but fears he won’t be able to attend himself due to visa issues. Looking for someone familiar with the topic, whoe does attend in person, to present the talk.

Blog Post

Sandro forgot about it. :frowning: But meanwhile this has become superseded by the news shared above and the upcoming CPE/Infra blog post.

Main Topics

This section is rather empty this time around. Topics discussed are scattered in the News & Updates as well as the Follow Up sections.

Akash said that he had a topic to discuss, but was hampered by A/V issues. He’ll get the ball rolling on Matrix. :fist_right: :white_check_mark:

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 1:00 PMWednesday, June 19, 2024 2:00 PM.

Sandro will chair the next meeting and Emma will take notes again.

Open Floor

We had nothing further to discuss and with something people having to leave early, we, for the first time, ended the meeting before the top of the hour was reached.