Summary of November 2023 Badges Round Table


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We met on 15 November 2023 for another Badges round table.

Announcements & News

Pagure exporter

  • CPE will publish a tool to export Pagure projects to GitLab. The tool will also transfer issues and attachments to GitLab.
  • Criteria field of current Badges may need to be updated.
    • There’s a script on badges-backend01 that can do that.
  • Any export to GitLab needs to be coordinated
    • Community should be informed upfront
    • Duscussion topic has been started to coordinate efforts.


Front End UI Questionaire Results (Emma)

  • Expected to be ready soon
  • Will be shared on Discussion as soon as it’s ready

Badges Development Participation (Akashdeep)

  • Justin will check in with Akash to get an update (see link for details)

Main Topics

Event Badges Reframing (Marie & Justin)

  • Discussion took place a while back
  • :warning: Proposal: Recategorize some of the event badges to community or content categories to help balance the disproportional amount of event badges now and in the future
    Accepted: [5x :+1:, 0x :neutral_face:, 0x :-1:]
  • :white_check_mark: Marie to identify which badges should be changed
  • :white_check_mark: Art (outer ring color) needs to be changed
  • :white_check_mark: Badge tag needs to be changed

Good First Issues (GFIs, Justin)

  • It’s been a while (Justin missed last meeting)
  • :white_check_mark: Justin to check in with Akash regarding this topic
  • Roadmap ahead needs to be clarified before GFIs can be introduced
  • :white_check_mark: Follow up next meeting

Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday, December 20, 2023 1:00 PMWednesday, December 20, 2023 2:00 PM.

Open Floor

  • We put a lot of weight on Akash’s shoulders. Yet, he has other commitments too.
  • Ideas (on how to attract more contributors)
    • Badge for working on the revamp
    • Blog post
    • Discussion post
    • Marie: one on one’s are very helpful to engage new contributors
    • Hackfest
      • In the proximity of another community event like Flock, FOSDEM, or PyCon (Pro’s: easier money wise)
      • Standalone event (Pro’s: focus entirely on badges)
      • Example Proposal
      • :white_check_mark: Next step: Discussion post (Marie)
      • Three possible events:
        1. FOSS Backstage (March 4-5, 2024, Berlin, Germany :de:)
        2. Linux App Summit (no date or location announced yet; 2023 event took place end of April in Prague, Czech Republic :czech_republic:)
        3. (June 13-15, 2024, Brno, Czech Republic :czech_republic:)
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Thanks @gui1ty for getting this written up.

More information about this is published on the Community Blog:

I suspect this follow-up will be challenging, based on the recent update that Akashdeep shared about slowing down on development.

I plan to be there for the last one of the year! We could also consider building in some fun social time since we are getting close to the end of the year. What is everyone’s plans for the year-end?

I’d like for this to be a main topic in the next meeting, so we can start to map out the beginnings of a plan in 2024.

Well, that’s news that broke after the meeting. I was trying to keep close to what was discussed during the meeting.

But I can see that this might get pushed back further. So maybe put this on the agenda as Good First Issues[1]?

No plans yet. I usually use the quiet time to upgrade my main desktop going from F37 to F39. That will hopefully be uneventful, but should be fun nonetheless.

Ack. How about a poll regarding the three options on the table now? FOSS Backstage feels awkwardly close and is quite shortly after FOSDEM, which I’m planning to attend. I’m not sure I can fit in another event just a month after FOSDEM.

  1. Or: Houston, we’ve got a problem. ↩︎