[Suggestion] Wallpaper grid archive

I found this resource:

It’s extremely helpful, well organized, and outdated. I truly appreciate having the packages available for download, but have a suggestion to make this resource more useful.

Have an archive of these release “grids” with the accompanying install command underneath each grid. (The archive would be a grid of grids.) This allows me to see what I’m installing before I install it. It also allows me to identify which package to delete by cross-referencing.

This should be easier to update and maintain then making separate blog posts at every milestone.

You are quite welcome to submit a new Fedora Magazine article. We can update the link so that your revised version comes up at that URL.

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Thank you, but I am not prepared for that. That’s also what I’d like to avoid, unless you are suggesting that the proposed article be the home for the “grid archive.”

I guess I misunderstood what you were asking. There is a page of sorts that lists the default Fedora Linux backgrounds for each release here: Wallpapers - Fedora Project Wiki

I think it would be pretty simple to expand that to include the command to install those background packages. (It even looks like some of the older ones already have the package name listed.) I’m not sure about having one web page that would show previews for all the backgounds though. Such a page might be a bit too big.

CC’ing @jflory7 since he appears to be the last one to have updated that page.

That’s great! I hadn’t found this. So then let me explain what I would add to that page.

The supplemental “grids”:

And a one liner up top explaining that from 21 to present is sudo dnf install fxx-backgrounds-gnome and for extras it’s sudo dnf install fxx-backgrounds-extras-gnome. Pre-21 have the commands self contained.

I would change “supplemental” (from the article) to “extra” to make the mental link to the command direct.

This change should only add one image per release and one example command up top.

It all sounds good to me. The tricky part is finding someone to actually do the work. :slightly_smiling_face:

The image you uploaded here looks great. Maybe @mattdm would be willing to set up a “wiki” style page here that could host that content and grant you access to create the first draft? Then, if people are happy with it, maybe it would be possible to redirect that wiki page to this site permanently?

Haha, yes I bet.

That image is taken directly from the first article linked. Do you know who made those? More would need to be made to bridge the gap between F28, where it left off, and present. It’s possible they automated the process.

I don’t have the time to volunteer right now, so don’t want to hold things up. If anyone else is up for it feel free. Otherwise it’s possible my schedule will change in a month or two, at which point I can revisit taking this on.


Very likely the author of the artile – Ryan Lerch

FWIW, It looks like the feh command has a montage mode. You could probably automate the generation of those images with commands like the following.

$ sudo dnf install f28-backgrounds-extras-base
$ feh -O f28-montage.jpg -W 1920 -X -y 640 -E 360 -m $(rpm -ql f28-backgrounds-extras-base | grep '/extras/.*\.\(png\|jpg\)')

Example output from the above command:

Hmmm… as much as I like to Discourse All The Things, I’m not sure that’s quite the right use for a forum. Maybe this could go somewhere on docs.fedoraproject.org, as a more-elegant and formalized update to the wiki page?

That’s awesome! Thanks for showing me that command. That should speed things up tremendously and allow me to move forward on this quicker than I thought. I still don’t have a window yet, but will put this on my list.

I have no objections to that. Sounds clean. That would be where I would look for it in the “new-user” context.

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I will not have the time to make this contribution.


No problem — I know how that can be. Thanks for letting us know!

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