Fedora 36 Wallpapers

Hi, everybody!
Is there going to be an additional wallpaper contest for Fedora 36?
If so, when approximately? If not, why not?

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I guess you are a bit late for it:

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I think OP is asking for supplementary wallpaper contest. AFAIK, the last one was for Fedora 32:



Thanks for the info, I appreciate it!
It seems that the link refers to the default one, but I meant not the default one for F36 but supplementaries. I remember that there used to be a contest and publications on Fedora Magazine, but it seems that lately for one reason or another there haven’t been any movement in the realm of fresh and shiny (supplementary) backgrounds.

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Here you can finde the answer: Issue #706: Supplementary wallpapers for F34 - design - Pagure.io

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Some of the Fedora 32 wallpapers were really beautiful I wonder why they didnt make the cut.

Is there generally 1 or 2 new ones added to make it more special?

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You can see the winners (the most voted 16 wallpapers) of Fedora 32 supplementary wallpaper contest here:


They are included in the f32-backgrounds-extras-base package.

Fedora 33 was my favourite release so many big changes and I wish Gnome stayed the way Fedora 33 was. Wish there was a way to rollback.

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So, as far as I understand, basically the problem is that we don’t have enough people/time to check the legality and licensing validity of every wallpaper that gets chosen, and that only really trustworthy people can do it.
If there is a way for a wider community to chip-in and help? It looks like that a lot of people would be interested in getting new bling. Any advice?


Try to propose something in the Design team issue tracker. As you understand it is not a trivial task. But maybe, if many people show their interest and commitment, a new group could restart this activity.

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