Sudo broken after upgrade from 32 to 37

Hello friends, have a question if anyone has encountered this yet, so far no luck with anything ive been able to find. But it appears as though the jump from 32 to 37 has borked sudo and pam as a whole. firewalld is not running, and i can no longer make alterations to my system from the root account. Every time i try to sudo su from the root users account, i get this elusive message in return:

sudo: account validation failure, is your account locked?
sudo: a password is required

DNF is now broken, as i cannot install any packages due to permission errors and “directory is not empty” errors. Any suggestions would be helpful. TIA!

– Edit –

I ended up restoring to a previous backup.

That’s very likely. Fedora only supports upgrading up to two versions at a time. So in this case, you should have gone 32->34->36(->37). At this point, you’re likely better off backing up your data and reinstalling fresh, as far as your time and effort are concerned.


sounds good, i may end up jumping to 34/33 making sure its stable and jumping up from there removing old binaries and what not. Thank you for the reply, ended up restoring from a backup.

It’s not a bad idea to do a sudo dnf distro-sync in between each upgrade (and after upgrades in general).

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It is also not a bad idea to disable all 3rd party repos before doing an upgrade, and maybe even remove any 3rd party software before beginning the upgrade. Things can be reinstalled after the upgrade is completed if desired.

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