Lost root access after (what seems to be failed attempt to) F38 upgrade

OS: F37, 64-bit Workstation Edition
Gnome: 43.4, Wayldand
Thinkpad T14s

Today Software from The GNOME Project indicated it is finally time to upgrade to F38.
Without any hesitation, I clicked the Download, then Install and Reboot buttons.

After my system rebooted to my surprise I was prompted to follow the same process again… the problem is now that I am no longer in the sudoers file, and for whatever reason, I need to log in to the Administrator account, to which I have no access.

Is anyone else having similar problems?

No problem for me, used dnf system-upgrade on 3 machines.

Thanks Vladislav, I’m aware of the above.

$ sudo usermod -aG wheel username, or anything with sudo won’t work - I have no access to it anymore.

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Log in as root using the first link.

I will - later on, just wondering here if anyone else is having similar issues.

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Have a look if you have a renamed user:

/etc/passwd |grep /bin/bash

We had this once here, that user got renamed. While update interrupted or similar.

You also could boot to single user mode as root by modifying the grub command line during boot and removing quiet rhgb and adding at the end /bin/bash. This results in a boot directly to the command line as the root user where repairs can be made then another boot finishes the recovery.