[Solution] Easy PRIME setup using NVIDIA Auto Installer for Fedora

If you wish to set up PRIME configuration on your Optimus device running Fedora Workstation but the steps mentioned here How to Set Nvidia as Primary GPU on Optimus-based Laptops :: Fedora Docs seems convoluted, then you would want to give the most recent version of NVIDIA Auto Installer for Fedora, a try.

Please run the following commands in succession to install the tool.

$ sudo dnf install dnf-plugins-core -y
$ sudo dnf copr enable t0xic0der/nvidia-auto-installer-for-fedora -y
$ sudo dnf install nvautoinstall -y

If you have it installed already, upgrading to the most recent version v0.3.7 is highly recommended.

$ sudo dnf update --refresh

Make sure that you are able to check all the boxes below, before trying the easier PRIME setup on your device.

  • Confirm that your device is an Optimus device (i.e. it has both an integrated GPU of either Intel or AMD and a discrete GPU of NVIDIA)
  • Confirm that you are running Fedora 32 Workstation or above as the PRIME config setup feature has not yet been tested on other spins
  • Confirm that you have installed the drivers from RPM Fusion repositories (either by using this tool or following the official documentation)

If all of the above has been confirmed, you can go ahead and execute the following command.

$ sudo nvautoinstall --primec

Here are some screenshots.

Enabling PRIME support

Disabling PRIME support

Leaving out without making any changes

If the text “SAFE AND GOOD ANSWER” gives you a feeling of Deja Vu, please go ahead and let me know where you might have seen it previously :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


First of all, thanks for the great instructions.

I am new to fedora and linux, sorry if the questions asked sound silly.

I have installed the prime support successfully, thanks to you. If i am not mistaken from the nvidia-settings i can select either intel GPU or Nvidia GPU, but my currently only show nvidia nothing else.

Please help. Thanks.

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Hi @edwkmho, please - we’re all here to help :slight_smile:

Welcome to Fedora, I really hope for you to have a good experience with the distribution!

Actually, with PRIME configuration, you are offloading your entire display pipeline to the discrete GPU - so everything from the desktop environment to the applications would run using the NVIDIA card.

If that is what you are not intending to do, please go ahead and disable the PRIME support using the installer.

Thanks for your prompt respond.

I am totally confused now.

From Nvidia explanation ;
What is PRIME?
PRIME is a collection of features in the Linux kernel, X server, and various drivers to enable GPU offloading with multi-GPU configurations under Linux. It was initially conceived to allow one GPU to display output rendered by another GPU, such as in laptops with both a discrete GPU and an integrated GPU (e.g., NVIDIA Optimus-enabled laptops).

From you explanation : it is solely for one gpu only.

I am trying to achieve what nvidia set out for, where similar to windows where you can select the gpu desired manually or setup to automatically switch gpu.

I appreciated your help. May be my expectation is not align to linux world. sorry for my ignorance.

Lastly, i want to thank you for your great help.

As t0xic0der said, you installed the prime config when you installed the nvidia drivers. When you did that you set the system to use only the nvidia gpu.

If you use the installer and remove the prime config then the system will be in the normal config where it behaves as it seems you want it to. The intel gpu will be used for everything until you tell the system to run an app with the dedicated nvidia gpu.

With gnome you can right click on the icon for the app and select to use the dedicated gpu for that app.

With my laptop I set it to use the nvidia gpu full time since I prefer the better quality graphics and am not concerned about the battery life. I still get at least 3 hours on the battery when I am mobile.


Thanks for for your prompt response.

You help is much appreciated.

Thanks once again.

Hi Akashdeep,

Can you please advise how to completely uninstall all the packages installed by your installation utility.

Many thanks.

Hi Akashdeep,

Does this auto installer support the Fedora 35 beta.

Would like to test it out.


I haven’t given it a try yet but it should work. Could you please give it a spin if you can and confirm if it works?

I will try when my daily work permit.

Thanks for prompt response.

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