Some questions about Nvidia Optimus on Fedora

Hello everyone. I have some questions I need to answer before I go purchase my new laptop. I understand that this is not the specific support forum so if need be I’ll remove this post.

Basically, I’ve been looking for a new laptop to purchase for college. Many of these machines have Nvidia dedicated graphics cards, which I believe have some quirks behind them. Specifically quirks with Wayland and Nvidia Optimus.

My understanding is the Fedora 33 and above uses Prime render offloaded by default when using an Nvidia GPU with drivers from RPM Fusion. This process should be set up by default when I install the drivers from RPM Fusion and would allow me to easily switch between the different GPUs by either launching them with
from the terminal or right-click and select launch with dGPU from the app context menu in Gnome. Is this correct? Will additional PGU driver setup not be necessary? And will I be able to launch an app with the dGPU by right-clicking it?

Additionally, the Prime render offloader constantly powers both the low-powered iGPU and the power-hungry dGPU, which may reduce battery life. On Ubuntu or Arch, I often had the option to completely power-off the Nvidia dGPU, followed by a re-login, to save battery life even further(or only use the dGPU for better performance). Is such a feature available for Fedora as well?

Thank you all in advance for helping me with this issue. I’ve never tried nvida on Linux before so I just want to make sure I can get it setup.