Slovenian language missing in Fedora 36 installer

When I launch Fedora 36 installer, Slovenian language is missing from the list of available languages. Funny thing I just upgraded Fedora 35 KDE Slovenian to 36 with no problem on my secondary machine.


Feel free to help translate ! The installer is anaconda.

On the top of the list just translated 10%. That’s why you cant select Slovenian. It is needed to translate about 80% that it will appear.

As mentioned above, installer is an independent app with own translation.

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This is an issue of a missed an already present translation. There is no need to translate what has already been translated. Slovenian translation has been included at least from Fedora 34 as far as I know.

I have included a screenshot to explain the issue better. Slovenian language has been present next to Slovak (SlovenÄŤina) at least from Fedora 34 as far as I know, but is now missing.

can confirm that I am seeing the same problem with Icelandic with Fedora 36 installer on Gnome, KDE and XFCE. It’s not that it’s just missing as a language, but it’s also missing or doesn’t properly switch to Icelandic keyboard in the installer, which makes creating a new user for me impossible (unless I fix user information afterwards). I can live without a translated operating system or a installer. Non working keyboard layout though is a blocking issue.

I don’t know when this problem begun but Icelandic (and I guess slovenian?) used to be an option not that long ago.

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Did you help to beta Test when F36_beta came out? Before someone can fix a bug it has to be tested and some one needs to debug. As mentioned above if translation is missing someone needs to do it. Feel free to help.

I did not help beta test F36.
Before someone can fix, test or debug, the bug needs to be reported so I had at least hoped this would be a good first step, and better yet, confirm it is happening to more than just one person. Is there a better place to report bugs/issue than here? (I am new to the Fedora community so still learning on the Fedora landscape). Where would I file this report?

We have icelandic translation (which I’ve contributed to) of Fedora (and I guess Slovenian also) as I can select it after installing no problem. The problem seems to be that it’s missing in the installer itself, making using icelandic keyboard difficult to use.

I am more than willing to help but would need help pointing me in the right direction and what needs to be done.

Anaconda (the installer) has a translation of 7% for icelandic.

The link was there for slovenian, just need to switch the language :wink:

Will take a look at that. thanks for the heads up. Although note that I am mainly referring to the language of the system itself and keyboard layout, as selected by the installer, but not the translation of the installer itself. I can live with an installer in english but it’s kind of annoying not to be able to write my name when prompted in the installer.

The fact that a translation is not up to standards should not affect availability of system languages or keyboard layouts wouldn’t you think? A theoretical installer with a 5% language translation should not stop one from installing a system set to that same language with decent x%. (or is that perhaps something worth a seperate topic?)

Does this mean that when translations drop below a certain % they are automatically removed from the installer or does that happen manually? Is there any documentation somewhere regarding what the limit is?

I didn’t participate because I don’t have a spare computer and I consider myself a Linux beginner.
I reported the issue to Redhat bugzilla once I discovered it (BUG 2084191) but as of today no fix has been released. If I download the ISO from, I get the same ISO with Slovenian language missing. I guess I can only hope this will get fixed in Fedora 37.

Here you can check from time to time:
Fedora nightly compose finder

When you have a green entry under Fedora 37 Workstation live you can give a test if it is there. If not, you have to check the translation.