I am looking for Bulgarian speaking people who can help with translating one Fedora web property

The new fedoraproject.org is fantastic, and I need some help translating it into Bulgarian. If you are willing to spend a few hours to help, please let me know, and I’ll send you instructions.

Thanks, and have a nice day!


You might also post the link to the staging page till the project is online. The domain gets redirected to get.fedora.org.

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I’ll try to ping here again. I am sure more people joined after I posted this!

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If you don’t get any responses here, you could also try the mailing list trans-bg - Fedora Mailing-Lists (though not sure how active it still is) or the general trans list trans - Fedora Mailing-Lists

Hi @bogomil, I missed this when you posted it. I think I can contribute to the translation, or at least try. Bulgarian is my native language.

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I tried the mailing list before. The past translators were busy with something else. Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it!

Whohoo! I’ll DM you!

Just a heads-up, there is a matrix room for the bulgarian community. Please join if you want to help or hang out: