Language not available in installer, how to add?

Hey everyone! Today i have received the news that the beta for fedora 35 had been released, and in response I tried installing it in a virtual machine. When starting the installation i noticed that I could not pick the language i want from the installer.
Only after the os had een installed, was i able to open settings, navigate to region and language, and select the correct UI language from there.
The question here is, since I’m currently the only contributor of translations for this specific language, how can i make this language show up? Is there a specific program that needs translations in order for them to show up(e.g. anaconda)?
Any help would be appreciated, since the more complete the translations become the better.

Thank you in advance, and kind regards,

Tjipke van der Heide

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I found a Wiki who might give your the answers of your questions. I don’t know how actual it is:
Anaconda/Contribute - Fedora Project Wiki (i changed in the wiki)

I guess more correct is:


Thank you, it’s very much appreciate it. Although i cannot find any mentions of anaconda having any effect on the languages available during the installation process of fedora, I’ll just assume that’s what causes the missing language. I’ll translate anaconda and hope to see another option in fedora to become visible in the future!

What language is it you want to translate ? I guess dutch (because of your second name :wink: )
I think you have to reach a certain percentage of translation before they show it up in the live image ?

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The language is western frisian :slight_smile: the second official language of the netherlands. That makes a lot of sense, seeing that anaconda is only translated for 22% in frisian currently. Time to go change that!