Sleep issue relating to dock, external monitors, gnome?

Hi, community!

Normally I’m able to solve my own issues, but this one has me stumped!
I have a System76 laptop, running Fedora 34. Sleep and wake work perfectly when I’m using the PC without the docking station. However, after I’ve used the dock, which connects to external monitors, keyboard, mouse, the laptop refuses to suspend/sleep properly! This has been an issue across kernel updates, even different linux flavors…

Today, digging through journalctl I finally found what looks to be holding up the suspend process, as seen below:

Jul 07 14:21:26 lp-fedora gnome-shell[2427]: Failed to enter power saving mode: drmModeAtomicCommit: No such file or directory
Jul 07 14:21:26 lp-fedora gnome-shell[2427]: JS ERROR: Error getting systemd inhibitor: Gio.IOErrorEnum: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.login1.OperationInProgress: The operation inhibition has been requested for is already running
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There’s nothing much special about my install on this machine, I just installed it per the defaults that the installer recommended. I did find one article that’s very recent which suggests that the zram could be the issue. However, there’s documentation that explains zram and it looks like the size is correct (8gb for 16gb ram).

Bottom line, I’ve marked this as a gnome issue because that’s what journalctl is showing me. Some Debian forums have indicated that probably what is holding up suspend in this case is the lock screen. However, locked or unlocked the issue is the same and only ever after I plug into the dock. It’s odd…

Regardless, thanks to anyone who might know something about this issue! I appreciate it.

I don’t have your issue, but with fedora 33 & 34 the install does not create a swap partition automatically, it uses zram which is 100% memory. The machine should sleep/suspend properly in that config, although it cannot hibernate.

You do not say what the symptoms are so it is difficult to even guess the problem. Maybe more info with details of the problem will help to diagnose it.


When it’s sleeps correctly, I can close the lid, or invoke suspend via the power button, keyboard shortcut. Backlight turns off, screen turns off, computer goes quiet and the power light flashes. Normal behavior.

After I disconnect from the dock, when I invoke suspend via the lid, buttons, etc, the display and backlight, keyboard, etc, go dark, but the status light on the laptop stays solid and sometimes the fans stay running.

I have this issue with my Lemur Pro (lemp10) but it started after an upgrade. I don’t remember myself having this issue when I used Pop!_OS.