Fedora auto suspend wakes Fedora up, making an infinte wake/sleep loop

I have Fedora 37 installed. Here are the specs of my system:

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 (with proprietary rpmfusion driver)
  • Intel i5-4690K
  • Gnome 43.3
  • X11
  • all current updates applied

I am experiencing the following problem:

  • Enabled auto suspend
  • Wait ~10 min
  • Pc suspends, displays turn off, fans turn off
  • 1 second later pc powers up again for no reason (no mouse or so touched)
  • pc is now locked
  • wait another ~10min
  • suspend kicks in again
  • repeat…

Can anybody help me?

Is it updated to the newest kernel?
Have you checked under Settings > Power Mode the different power modes?

yes: 6.1.15-200.fc37.x86_64

Here are my settings there. I dont see why the performance mode should influence that

Just wanting to raise some attention to this bug