Silverblue install crash if no bootloader option selected. systemd-boot install

Installing Fedora Silverblue 39 crashes during install if no bootloader option is selected

Steps to reproduce :

During Install Destination screen Choose : Full Disk Summary and Bootloader. . .

In Select Disk and Bootloader choose : Do not Install boot loader

You can continue to your partitioning ( here is LVM encrypted container, / & /home on XFS ) /boot with EFI Partition to after system install, proceed to install systemd-boot from the command line while everything is still mounted.

Summary of changes : this is normal clean install . . .

The boot partition needs to have /boot and /boot/efi or the installation will fail outright. Either way this is pointless, as there is no way to get to a desktop or launch a Terminal that I know of, this .iso does not allow for a Live environment.

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ostree does not support systemd-boot yet: systemd-boot support · Issue #1719 · ostreedev/ostree · GitHub

I tried a different approach and managed to install systemd-boot . It’s impractical, and does not remove grub from the system, cannot remove the extra partition, and you end up with more files on the system than you started with.

@siosm Your github thread does show a path to achieving this though, and I might try that. More importantly, If it’s not ready, should it continue to be an option in anaconda? It will only lead to a failed install.

The solution does not look like it will be available for some time. Would it be feasible to ask for it to be disabled until it is available for use?

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I have no idea how you would accidentally not use GRUB during the install. Also

  • anaconda will soon be replaced
  • systemd-boot hopefully soon works

So I would leave it there and experiment further

Anyone testing/trying out Silverblue would do those steps to install systemd-boot, would eventually end up with a broken build. If the feature is there and not working, it should be disabled. There are other things that are broken because of OSTree in the installer based around custom configs. OSTree needs to be set up a particular way, if not the build will not work.

I’m not sure of the timelines for the option to work, Currently, if you want OSTree and systemd-boot, you need to build your own OSTRee branch. . . Which I plan to do, because :rage:GRUB IS A PAIN :rage: :upside_down_face:

One more thing to note : Silverblue is not a suitable LiveUSB environment. . . Since Silverblue’s release, people have asked me passively why there no way to test. The Fedora team should point that out.

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Anaconda is not going to be replaced. It’s interface is going to be but it’s still Anaconda.

It’s only going to work if people do the work to make it work.

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thanks for the clarification. Anaconda being the underlying system, the UI is being replaced some time in the future.

This thread has a resolution and there’s really not much more that should be added.

@Mods please close this thread.