Boot Loader install failed for Fedora 34 Silverblue

Hardware is HP Touchsmart 600 Intel i3 M370.

Previous Fedora 34 Workstation install with no issues. The hard disk has a Windows 10 partition that I was attempting to install along side.

Error occured, System will no be bootable. Would you like to continue? Yes or No. Answer of Yes it displaying the command:
ostree admin instutil set-kargs RHGB quiet root=UUIDe30a847e-a4a4-4605-8e73-aa8ea87e
Exited with code 1.

Hello @ms.lants ,
Welcome to the discussion area. Please check out for user support type questions as this area is predominantly focused on the community of contributors. Having said that, dual booting Silverblue can be a challenge, you can find some appropriate info at in particular where it starts "Users have reported that they cannot install Silverblue on an EFI based system where they previously had another OS installed. "
I have recently changed some hardware on my system that involved getting the very error you are mentioning. In my case I did need to format the /boot and the /boot/efi partition, and the documentation for the recommended size of /boot was 500Mb while the installer wanted 512Mb. The /boot/efi partition I have at 200Mb as recommended. If you do format and Windows isn’t listed in the Grub menu, it will still be available via the BIOS boot menu.

Thank you for your reply. As an experiment I swapped out the HDD to an empty HDD. Install worked without issue. As recommended I will use
Thank you.