Installation problem

Hi all, i want to try out for first time Silverblue and have this problem

i can’t find info about error code 32, i think is link to efi problem. I deactivated Fast Boot and activate UEFI mode, then i was able to start the installation.
I did manual partitions like: swap 2.0 GB, / and the /boot/efi mounted at EFI original partition (i have a w10 boot too). i read that are problems for dual boot and have to reformat EFI original partition right? I fear for some damage and lost w10 boot
I already used Fedora Workstation, i think i got round to 27 version until 29 so i have some ideas of how works.

If you’re doing manual partitioning, you need to make sure you have a separate /boot. The easiest way to handle this is just to select the button to auto create all the partitions, then if you’re dual booting make sure you have it create a new ESP to avoid the issues you had mentioned.

Sorry for the late reply but i installed the workstation version 30 without any problem…
The silverblue was successfully installed at custom and the automatic partitions but the cant boot. When it comes to that it directly goes to the bios. I have an Asus motherboard.
I want to understand what is happening, because i can see the boot loader at the machine`s start.
Anyway i dont understand the power of silverblue, can i do the same at workstation?