Installation of F32 Silverblue fails and exits with error code 32

I’m trying to install Fedora 32 Silverblue on a PC that had Fedora 31 Workstation installed on it.
The installation fails when deploying fedora/32/x86_64/silverblue with an errro code 32.
New partitions have been formatted.
I have tried several times with no success.

What should I do?

No one ever encountered this problem?

Hi, currently (F32) Silverblue doesn’t handle too well existing EFI partition with something inside (using auto partitioning by installer), which is something in your case I assume.

If it is, you can either create a new EFI partition for Fedora SB or reformat existing one (custom partitioning during installation).
It will erase your current settings of course.

In my case, I created new EFI partition and installer found windows boot in other, existing EFI so dual-boot works correctly (although having 2 EFI partitions is kind of a waste, but it works).

More information in bug details:

Hi, unfortunately, whatever I do ends up with this message.
Destroying the existing partions (during installation or even with gparted when disk is mounted on another pc), then re-creating the partions manually or automatically during the installation and reformatting them ends up with that error.
I am clueless.