Silverblue 32 fails to write boot loader configuration (Legacy)

I’m just trying to install Silverblue 32 on my laptop, dual booting with Windows, but in the installation proccess I get an error that it fails to write boot loader configuration.
I’m not using EFI, just old Legacy BIOS.
With Fedora Workstation 32 I did not have this problem.

Manual normal partitions, EXT4. One for / and one for /home.

Any clues? Ideas? Tips?

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If you are feeling brave, you can go the long way around and do what I did:

It may be possible to simply copy the files that the installer puts into /boot/efi/EFI/EFI to /boot/efi/EFI but I havent tried that and I am unsure if any additional steps are required to “register” the boot loader with the UEFI system.

The problem is that the EFI folder is not created as it’s not an EFI system.


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Hello @javierkaiser,
And welcome to the forum!
There are issues people have found with dual/multi booting SB. If you are able to the easiest way to get around this is to make a partition specifically for the SB install and proceed with the installation that way, keeping the W10 partition separate and intact. If you are doing this on a Win10 PC then it will already occupy the primary partition as I note you are on a BIOS sys. I am uncertain of the tools available in Win10 to re-partition your HD but I think even gparted or parted are available for it. You can do this at installation time (with the SB installer) by selecting manual partitioning, to setup the partition layout.
There is a pretty good write up of partitioning here even a video for BIOS partitioning

Hi jakfrost.
I have a partition for Windows and one for Linux, as I have been using dual boot several years.
I have one Primary partition for Windows, one for Linux “/”, and two Logical, one for Windows user’s data, one for Linux “/home”. And the swap.

I haven’t tried to dual/multi boot Silverblue so I don’t have direct experience with doing it. I do know it has been done by some in the community that are running BIOS based boards. Maybe have a look at, there will likely be someone there who has done this very thing with Silverblue.

Thank you.
I have been researching and found that it has it’s issues with manual partitioning and dual booting.
So, I will wait until it’s more mature and keep using Fedora Workstation meanwhile.

oops, sorry for posting about UEFI.

For me Fedora 31 silverblue installed correctly on an MBR system so maybe install that and then update to 32? The downside is that you wont have the default flatpaks installed this way.

Nah, don’t worry!. Thanks for your reply!
I think I will wait until 33 or whenever I have some spare hours to reformat everything again.