Shortcut problem

Hello again,

I just installed the new fedora with the KDE spin off while previously I used Xubuntu. I am trying to make the usual "Ctr+Alt+ T " shortcut for the terminal that is now called the “Konsole”. However no matter how I try to do it, either directly from the Global shortcuts or customizing a new shortcut with the command “Konsole”.

However, when I try typing the shortcut nothing happens.

Where is the problem?


Welcome to ask.fedora! If you haven’t already, you probably want to check out the Start-Here section, because it has lots of useful information about using this forum.

As far as your question goes, I can’t help directly as I don’t use KDE. However, I can point you to a list of KDE-specific resources, where you might have a better chance of getting exactly what you need. Not that you were wrong to come here, as there’s a good chance somebody here will know the answer; it’s just that checking at one or more places devoted to KDE will give you a better chance of finding what you need.

Good luck, and please keep us informed!

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the problem is your command. did you exactly set Konsole for Ctrl + Alt + T ?

note: try Alt + Space, that run a application menu.
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i think you problem is set Command/URL
Because of you must enter


on the this Command/URL

after that for set shortcut you can use on the Tab Trigger
and set your shortcut :slightly_smiling_face:

coming from xfce and ubuntu I did not really know if it was a KDE or fedora related problem. I will keep the advice in mind however and thanks!

I have uploaded 2 screenshots that show how I have customized the shortcut and it still does not work


Does /usr/bin/konsole work by any chance? /bin/ is a symlink to /usr/bin/ so it shouldn’t make a difference in general, but one never knows how shortcuts are implemented and if they do symlinks properly.