Does anyone knows what super + a shortcut actually do while using a terminal


Hi everyone,
So this is something I recently saw while using konsole in fedora 36 Kde. I accidentally pressed super + a while trying to do super + w for new overview in kde and I saw this output in konsole

::1 localhost4 localhost6 localhost.localdomain 3 localhost localhost4.localdomain4 localhost6.localdomain6
which to me looked like the contents of hosts file. It didn’t do anything but I am curious as to what is it exactly or should I say why it happened and I have already checked the all kinds of keyboard shortcuts in kde but didn’t find anything about it. I tried to find the info on internet but found nothing about it. I am currently running Fedora 36 Kde 5.25.5 .

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In gnome super + a brings up the activities menu full screen. Don’t use kde so can’t answer what the default is there.

I meant as in opening a terminal and maximizing it then pressing the shortcut which is giving me this output on the prompt without doing anything or pressing enter , I get that output as STDOUT. I guess it’s on kde only maybe for some reason.

Within the terminal is different than while on the desktop, although for me the same result occurs regardless of which window has focus.

I guess then its just on kde.