KDE Spin - Window To Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts not working

I’ve just done a fresh install of the KDE spin of Fedora 33. I’ve been using Fedora for a few years and had Plasma installed on the standard workstation distribution. I decided I wanted to clean things up and reinstall fresh without all the extra junk I had installed.

After install, everything seems to work fine but I can’t get Plasma to accept any global shortcut for “Window to desktop X”. I have four desktops set up and had these shortcuts working fine before I re-installed. Now, no matter what key combinations I put in the Kwin shortcut settings to send a window to a desktop, it is ignored. I also tried setting the shortcut under “Window to screen X” and that is ignored as well.

I’ve tried changing to different key combinations and applying the settings multiple times. I’ve also tried setting them and logging out, setting them and rebooting…Nothing changes.

These are keyboard shortcuts I used a lot so it’s really bugging me not being able to send windows wherever I want them.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is there something that needs to be enabled somewhere to get these shortcuts to work?

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