Setting up a windows virtual machine

hi - i was trying to set up a virtual windows machine, but keep getting an error message. i think my ultimate issue is that i have secure boot turned on. but i’d like to keep from doing that. here’s the error message:

if i add the rpm repo, can i avoid this? basically i’m just asking what the best solution is. thanks!

Sign the drivers and enroll the MOK key, or disable Secure Boot.

Try using virt-manager.

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you might need to check settings that secureboot compability is correct, then might need to add GUEST drivers/mode and VirtIO drivers and even passthrough disk to get more responssive performance, but i recommend check boot settings on VM that it is actually setup correctly since windows 11 needs secureboot even on VM if i remember correctly W10 is way easier to setup

virt-manager is best option as mentioned

" you should switch everything (disk, network, display) to virtio and insert the driver ISO while installing Windows. Afterwards, run the included installer to install the other drivers."

“create a EFI vm with Secure-Boot and TPM Emulation.”

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tried installing the virtio repo with the command shown in the link you provided, but i got a message stating i didn’t have permission. am i missing something?

thanks for the info :slight_smile: disabling secure boot definitely helped. but now running into an issue in getting the ISO and can’t get the virtio repo - permission denied

Oracles virtual box repo?

There is currently a bug that prevents the kernel module to be properly loaded. A fix seems underway but it requires oracle to release a new build. Bug report incl. patch:

In the meantime, use virt-manager, it’s „better“ anyway.

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo \
sudo dnf install virtio-win

Yes, wayyy easier to setup.

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I install VirtualBox from rpmfusion and it just works.

Yes, if using secure boot then the key has to be generated and enrolled as described in the file /usr/share/doc/akmods/README.secureboot.

I do not use the installation from oracle.

thanks @computersavvy , @jakfrost , @vgaetera , @augenauf , @phatle :+1:

i was able to get virtualbox up and going. i had to use an ISO file from microsoft for it to work, however. i also got it working in Boxes on GNOME, but with limited functionality. i will work more with the information given to get things going on Linux, as that would be ideal. appreciate all the input :slight_smile: