How to install Windows 11 on Virtualbox?


I would like to install Windows 11 on Virtualbox. My host operating system is Fedora. To use Windows 11 with Virtualbox, I dowloaded an iso file of Windows 11.Unfortunately, when I start the Windows 11 VM, the following error message appears:

I am then prompted to select a launch device (DVD, CD, USB or an iso file) and then mount and retry the boot. When I choose the Windows 11 iso file and reboot the virtual machine, nothing changes and the same error message reappears. I’d like to know if anyone knows a solution to this problem or simply how to install Windows 11 (or 10) with Virtualbox?

Many thanks for your help!


I found Boxes to be very easy to use and I run both Windows and other Linux Distros on it with little effort. :slight_smile:

I also was able to install and run windows 11 using libvirt (QEMU/KVM) and virt-manager.

Boxes are simple and easy. I have RHEL 9.2; Win11Pro; Silverblue; Fedora 39; FreeBSD-13 and Fedora Core 1 - Yarrow, all running fine with Boxes. I installed it pretty easily some time ago so I don’t remember details of every step. There are also some tricks with Registry Editor for bypassing some checks, and for installing without account. Easy to find on Google.

Here are two (since we don’t know whether You have TPM and Secure boot) online recipes/tutorials for installing in Boxes.