Self Intro: Dan Davis

Good Afternoon Folks,

I’m Dan from the Greater Boston area.

I work as a Linux Admin for a great company here in Central Mass and have been a *nix admin (HPUX/Solaris/RHEL) of one type or another and open source software advocate since my time in the US Navy in 1995.

Fedora’s been my daily driver since version 26 and I maintain a RHEL/Centos/Fedora blog at Using Fedora at home keeps my teeth sharp for working with RHEL systems in my profession, and sometimes provides the benefit of allowing me to see new features before they make it into RHEL.

I have a passion for accurate and attractive documentation and a degree in writing. If I can be of use to the CommOps team, I’d love to be a part.

Best Regards!


I have a passion for accurate and attractive documentation and a degree in writing

This is something every community dreams about :slight_smile:

You can look into any of the resources at Fedora Documentation :: Fedora Docs to see what you can add. Docs are mostly written in asciidoc format and stored in the open git repo at, thus to contribute it is enough to send a pull request.

Also check Usually questions give you a lot of ideas, what needs to be fixed, or added, or documented better.

We also have a Community Blog and Fedora Magazine, which would benefit from having good writers and editors.


Hi @dandavis, welcome! :wave: Happy to have you here in the Fedora community.

Things are a little slow these days in Fedora CommOps. Have you checked out the Fedora Join SIG and the folks leading that effort, like @FranciscoD? If you are just getting started with the Fedora community, I suggest starting there as there are more people around to help get you started! :smile:

Hope this helps.

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