Searching for mirror list | Points to a empty wiki link

Could someone be so kind and update the wiki with a valid link to a server-list where i can download
fedora 35 live.

It is terribly slow over

They’re listed here on Mirror Manager:

The main page for mirrors is here:

Edit—that page does not exist at all. Where did you find it linked to?

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Hrm, very odd, I guess I’ll create the page and put a link there to the actual page. Not sure why it’s turning up in search results if it doesn’t exist.

Edit: can’t create the page, so filed an issue with infra:


Yea very strange, maybe my provider is caching something. He sells me 50mbit download and 300mbit upload.
I guess it is because of the the recent release.

The Torrent works well … eba :crazy_face:

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The wiki page was fixed. It now correctly directs to the actual mirroring page.